10 Things Motherhood Has Taught Me in My First Year

Hey Y’all Hey! Kijan ou Ye! How are you doing?

OMG I cannot believe it has been one whole year!

It literally feels like yesterday I was rushing to the hospital and now it’s a year later.

Where has the time gone??

But seriously, this has been the most happiest, anxiety filled year of my life.

For me, I feel like I’m finally walking into my calling. I feel like I was meant to be a mom. I have enjoyed this first year and have learned and grown so much this year.

When you hear motherhood is hard it’s because it is! There are so many emotions you go through and trials after trials of trying a product or food that they liked before and no longer like. The sometimes constant crying when nothing is wrong. Take care of the mothers in your life because we need care and at times don’t ask for it.

So here it is!

Ten things motherhood has taught me in my first year:

Unconditional Love

There will never be a love like this than with a mother and child. The amount of love I have for my baby and how I will protect him from anyone is so strong. I never knew I could love someone like this but my baby is literally my heart in human form.

Live in the moment

Every moment is precious, so it is important to live in the moment and enjoy it. These little humans change so much from day to day. As much as I would love to capture each moment, I know that I can’t because I want to be present. But if you are a first time mom, make sure you are taking pictures or having someone take candid pictures of you and your baby because those are the precious moments who want to keep forever.

Importance of Self Care

This is a big one. Taking time out to take care of yourself and to do something for you is extremely important. I tried to do it all in the first few months and I quickly realized that I was burning out my battery. I needed to indulge in self care at least once a week to feel human.

Always go with your gut

I know we all have heard of woman’s intuition. Well this is mom’s intuition and it’s real! Always, always, always trust your gut. At the end of the day, you are mom and you know your child best. If you sense something is wrong, then yes something is wrong.

Every mom is different

Every mom is different so there’s no need to compare your mom style to another. It’s cool to join mom groups to bounce ideas off of each other but we don’t need to mom shame another mom for doing something you won’t do and vice versa.

You won’t sleep the same

LOL listen pre baby I was all about my sleep. Post baby I can’t sleep the same. I have woken up out of my sleep more than I want to count thinking something is wrong. Sleep is so precious so when I get a break I take it.

Mommy brain is real

Too many times I have forgotten something that I was thinking or doing five minutes before. I have to write everything down when I can because I’m inclined to not remember in the next five minutes.

My life is not my own anymore

My life is no longer my own. I am no longer walking around thinking of only me, myself and I. I now have a little one who will be looking to me for guidance and I have to be a good example to him. This is why I am so adamant about breaking generational curses and creating generational wealth. Read more about that here.

It’s okay to not enjoy motherhood 24/7

Listen I love my baby boy but there are times when I NEED a break and I’ve learned that it’s okay to need a break from my own child. Just because I need a break doesn’t mean I love him any less. This is where self care comes in.

I didn’t know my own strength

I honestly didn’t know how strong I was until I became a mother. I will fight anyone, no matter who you are to protect my child. The amount of strength I had to give birth then to work through that pain while taking care of him during his newborn stage is unbelievable. Never underestimate your mom strength!

I am on this ride of motherhood and I am excited to continue to learn and grow.

Happy Birthday to my baby boy, mommy loves you!

Until the next post…

Signing Out,

Live with purpose, Love with passion, Laugh with pleasure

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  1. Yaaaassssss to this! I’m not a mom yet but these are words to live by! Self care is sooo important especially now. When you said live in the moment, I felt that! Great post πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•

    1. Thank you for reading. Self care is a must for us all especially now.

  2. Mary says:

    Great post!! All so very true. Motherhood has taught me these lessons. Some took longer than others for sure. I will say not a day goes by that I dont learn something new!!!

  3. Yvonne says:

    Spot on post! Yes, lol, the mom brain is real 🀣 Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. That mommy brain will trip us up all the time. LOL

  4. Thagarah Martin says:

    You are right about the 1st year of lesson. There is so much more to come and more enjoyment of being a mother a hands on mommy a warrior a champion for you heart beat. love him constant

    1. So much more lessons to gain!

  5. Briana says:

    Loved this ! I’m an adoptive momma and I can say these are soooo true ! but I love them with all my heart.

  6. Nishtha says:

    Beautiful post! Congratulations on your baby turning 1! Love your reflections, most I resonate with is the strength we have, how unconditional love looks like and all moms are different doing their best!

  7. Renata Green says:

    Is a mother, I can agree with most of what you are saying. Also, if you acknowledge not being perfect and cheerful all the time, it takes the pressure off – and you can bond even easier.
    Also: love your style!

    1. I agree! Take perfection out of the picture. Thank you!

  8. Dr Surabhi says:

    I can so relate to this even in the 2nd year of motherhood. The gut feeling is so correct. Always go by your instinct.

  9. Zippy says:


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