5 Productive Habits To Do For The Best Week Ever

Hey Y’all Hey! Kijan ou Ye! How are you doing?

Easy like Sunday morning…what do your Sunday look like?

Sunday’s are my days to relax.

My day to mediate longer.

To spend one on one time with my little one.

A day to prepare for the week ahead.

If you’re like me and you’re a 9-5er then you know how important it is to have a routine on what you do on Sunday’s (or whenever your Sunday is) to prepare. To be honest, before I became a mother I didn’t have a set routine. It was when I became a mother and had to go back to work that I realized how much preparing for the week ahead is essential to having a good productive week.


Maternity Leave is Over…Now What??

On Sunday’s I love to rest and organize myself for the upcoming week. I find that when I do not organize I tend to have a hectic start to my week. Keeping myself organized has helped me to not hate Monday’s LOL. I use to be one of those people that hated Monday’s. I even use to call out of work on Monday’s because I never felt rested.

Since I trained myself and found these productive habits to help me, I wanted to share with you:

5 Productive Habits To Do For The Best Week Ever

Plan your week

Write out a to do list and schedule all the important task that has to get done. Knowing what needs to get done ahead of time and breaking out your to do list by day so you have a completion date is so helpful.

Plan your meals

One promise I made to myself this year is to stop buying breakfast and lunch. Save your money and meal prep! Make a list of what you want to eat for the week and go grocery shopping. I bring my breakfast supplies to work and I meal prep my lunches so that I can just grab my container in the morning and head out the door.

Plan your outfits

This is so important for me to do. Have you ever gotten out the shower and then stand in front of your closet staring and wondering what you are going to wear?? Well planning out your outfits on Sunday’s or whichever day is your Sunday helps make your mornings run smoothly. I even have a YouTube playlist of What I Wore This Week if you need inspiration on what to wear.

Prayer & Mediation

Start your mornings with prayer & mediation. This is a form of self care for me. Starting my mornings like this allows me to have a good day. Even if something hectic happens that day, I’ll still be centered to have a good day and move past situations that bring chaos. (I’m all about positive living. Always having a positive mind) Make this part of your morning routine and you will start to see a difference.

Have an early night

Hopefully you have enjoyed your day off! Now is the perfect time to just have a relaxing night before heading to bed to tackle the new week.

A reminder:

Self care isn’t an expense, it’s an investment

Until the next post…

Signing Out,

Live with purpose, Love with passion, Laugh with pleasure

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  1. Tana says:

    These are awesome organization tips for busy moms! Planning out the work weeks outfits in advance really made such a difference for me when I had my first baby.

    1. Yes indeed! It’s made such a huge difference.

  2. Jenny says:

    Great post. Such obvious tips but SO helpful and most people don’t actually tend to implement them!! Thank you 🙂

  3. Nishtha says:

    All great ideas to increase your productivity! I totally believe in planning ahead but still enjoying the present. Love your last quote!

  4. Digitaldaybook says:

    I do these every weekend in preparation they are soo important for me otherwise I can’t function lol

  5. I am in need of these tips! I feel like since the start of the year, I have not been that productive.

  6. Yanitza says:

    Planning my outfits would be such a time saver!

  7. Cathy says:

    Great ideas! I’ll feel good to have my productive habit as well. Plan in advance for the routine that needs to do every day means a lot to our life.

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