5 tips to finding an apartment in NYC

How to find an apartment in NYC

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Finding an apartment in New York is by far an experience. By experience, I mean finding the right location that is near transportation, in a great school area, parks nearby, walking distance supermarkets, low-crime, the list goes on and on. NYC may be large but it is small as well. NYC real estate market is one of the most competitive markets.

Only in New York will you find a windowless box for $3000/month and have people telling you that is acceptable.

To be honest, I am currently on the search of finding a new apartment in NYC. So, here are some tips and tricks I have learned during this process and would like to share with you all.

5 tips to finding an apartment in NYC

1. Start your search early

You’re ready to move and you are wondering when you should start your apartment search. From doing my research, you should start your search two months prior to your current lease ending. I have found out that the best rentals, price, location and amenities get snatched up earlier in the month. So, the first of the month is the perfect time to start your search.

We all know that rental properties in NYC fill up fast so, when the first of the month come, get to searching. If you start your search the first weekend of the month, there will be less competition and the best properties will still be available.

Now that you know when to start your search, you might be stuck on how you should start your search right. Well, look no further and start your search on Zumper.

So, what is Zumper?

Zumper is used by millions of renters to find houses, rooms, condos, or apartments for rent.

Zumper is cool because you can get a free Experian credit report and fill out an application to keep on file for when you’re ready to apply for an apartment. The great thing about this is that this kind of credit report is called a “soft pull” and will not affect your credit score.

Zumper has quality listings that are updated in real time. You can filter by location, price range, bedroom count, or pet-friendly. With Zumper you can set an alert to get notifications when a new listing is posted.

2. Have a budget

Having a budget and knowing your price range is so important.  According to Zumper, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New York, NY is currently $3,050. This is a 17% increase compared to the previous year. So, using Zumper to narrow your search to fit your budget is ideal for anyone that is in the hunt to finding an apartment in NYC.

Figuring out how much apartments cost in certain neighborhoods are just as important as knowing your own financial situation and budget. Listen, the cost of living and housing in NYC is twice sometimes triple than other cities, so use Zumper and check out the article here to learn more about the cost of living in NYC according to Zumper.

3. Make a list of apartment must-haves

You don’t want to start your search without knowing what you want and don’t want in an apartment. For instance, do you want central air, eat-in kitchen, closets (because you know that’s hard to come by in NYC), a doorman, elevator building, etc.

Well, with Zumper you can customize your search to include or exclude these amenities. It is important to keep in mind that you will not get everything you want on your list and you may lose out on some stuff. But as long as it has your top tier must haves then I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

4. Tour neighborhoods

If you live in NYC, then you know that ever neighborhood has its own flavor. You want to be sure to tour the neighborhood in the day and at night to get a feel of the area, you want to feel safe living in whichever area you choose. So, tour neighborhoods/scout neighborhoods to know what you want. Just like you need to make an apartment must-have list, you have to make a neighborhood must-have list as well. Because you can find a great apartment in a not-so-great neighborhood.

5. Search online

Last but not least, the most effective way to search for apartment in NYC is by using Zumper. Rather than visiting different apartments, you can use Zumper to narrow down your search.

If you are in the market and struggling, use Zumper so that you don’t have to struggle no more.

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