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It’s true what they say…time is a thief. Man oh man I can’t believe my sweet baby boy Izzy is 4 months old. They grow up faster than we think.

Let’s give a quick update about Izzy. I recently got him the Bumbo and he loves it. He loves to sit now and will fuss when he isn’t in a sitting position. Baby boy is getting bigger and bigger, he’s currently 13.5lbs and I just look at him and say 4lb baby where?? His gums are starting to irritate him so if anyone knows anything that will work for teething, please let mama know. He also has a case of baby acne/eczema and the way this boy scratches up his face breaks my heart. It’s like that meme that I once saw that said imagine if a baby is crying because he can’t reach a spot to itch and we try and offer a pacifier to soothe them. For the baby acne, I started out using Mustela but its not that moisturizing for him, so now I’m using Eucerin which seems to be doing the trick so far.

As a first time mom, I got so much feedback from other mothers on what to do and what not to do. At times, it became too much…there was so much information being thrown at me all at once. The best advice for new mothers is every child is different. What worked for one child may not work for the next. Take everything at face value and don’t go crazy adding expensive things because your baby may like it for only one second.

Now, let’s get on to MY top baby must haves from newborn to 4 months!

We all know the essentials that every baby needs (crib, diapers, wipes, bottles, thermometer, stroller and car seat, etc.) There are a few other items that are a must have for me and basically a life saver.


This is more of a must have for mommy but essential for baby. I got my medala pump from my insurance. Whether or not your a mom that is exclusively breastfeeding from the breast or exclusively pumping or doing a combination of both you will need a pump to extract that milk from your body. One thing I HATE is when I get engorged from not emptying my breast. That feeling is painful. P.S. I will be adding an in depth post regarding my pumping journey very soon.

Boppy Pillow

I am in love with my Bobby pillow. For C-Section moms like myself it helps to prop the baby on the pillow during feeding time so that I did not add any additional pain to my stitches. The Boppy is also a good use when baby is starting to sit to be used a barrier.

Diaper Rash Cream

One word…Aquaphor! The best diaper cream ever! A few days after being discharged, Izzy ended up with a nasty diaper rash. Destin was not useful at all, it seemed to make the rash worse. Which it’s so funny because that’s what the nurses in the NICU were using on him during his stay. So, I ordered Apuaphor on and it worked miracles. I also use it on his dry eczema patches to seal in the moisture.

Baby Carrier

Honestly it does not matter which one you get. Just get one! Seriously! There were plenty of times where I needed to get things done around the house and Izzy did not want to be put down at all. Once I put him in the baby carrier and he felt my warmth he went straight to sleep. It also comes in handy when I have to run outside for a quick errand instead of pushing the stroller.

Bath Tub

I received the bath tub from my baby registry. It’s one of those things you won’t need right away but you will need it. I didn’t start using mines until Izzy was almost 3 months. Before that I was using the pink pail from the hospital. The bath tub took a few tries to get use to but now he loves sitting in it for bath time.


You may not need both depending on your baby but you will need one or the other. Thankfully I received both from my loved ones and I’m putting both of them to good use. The swing is perfect for those days and nights when Izzy is fussy. The motion of the swing soothes him instantly and the music does calm him down. I wish that the swing was mobile and I could move it from room to room. The rocker on the other hand is mobile. I really love the rocker because it’s mobile. When I’m home alone and I’m in the kitchen or the bathroom, I bring it with me so that he can still see mommy.


I use to be that person that would say if I have a baby I am not using a pacifier. HA! That was pre baby LOL. Post baby…a pacifier is needed in our house. The pacifier helps soothe him when he’s not hungry but just wants something in his mouth. I absolutely adore the Phillips Avent nipple pacifiers. Now that Izzy is 4 months he’s starting to not care for the pacifier as much.

Nose Aspirator

You can choose to stick to the old school nose aspirator…you know those suction things LOL or you can upgrade to the new age and get a nose frida. Whichever one you choose, just make sure you have one because you will need to clean out the mucus constantly.

Swaddles/Sleeping Sack

Swaddles are great! I was able to use the pre-made swaddles on Izzy well into his 2nd month. It kept him nice and warm and cozy. Experts say swaddles are great and can mimic the womb. Now that he has outgrown the swaddle, I’m currently using a sleep sack. Although it’s not his favorite thing but if you are looking to get some type of sleep, a sleep sack is a must.

Activity Gym

An activity gym isn’t needed right away but it is needed to introduce sound and play to your baby. Izzy loves his time on the activity gym. He kicks his feet at the piano to make sounds and reaches for the toys. So any activity gym is a must.


If your baby is like Izzy and has sharp nails even after they’ve been filed down and clipped, mittens are must! Mittens help protect his face from his little finger nails that leave harsh scratch marks.


This is a new add, I didn’t get it for Izzy until he was 3 months and he loves it. As soon as I started using the Bumbo, he’s been wanting to sit up on his own. Another reason why I like the Bumbo is that it’s a chair, this way he’s not constantly not on his back laying down all the time.

These are my must haves. I’m sure there are others but this post could go on and on if I continue.

Let me know what some of your must haves were or are for your little one!

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  1. crisshex88 says:

    I’m not a mom, but if I were I would tell you that this post is very useful indeed. I loved reading it too I think a little!

  2. Chad says:

    These are the cutest ever!!! I love the list, great for my friend who just delivered.

  3. Cathy says:

    Great list which is helpful to other first time mom. I like to add the baby bath and changer on the list. By the way, when the baby grows older after few more months, the home safety and wellness stuff such as bed guards, drawer catch, cupboard tie lock and stair gates are also very important.

  4. Melissa Cushing says:

    This is a wonderful list of just haves for new parents. I especially always used the swing as my kids loved it and those mittens are a must have so there are no scratches 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  5. Time does fly, both my kids are almost nearly double digits now and I don’t know how that happened. So enjoy each precious moment and keep sharing lovely lists to help other mothers out there

  6. ireayotomiwa says:

    They really do grow up fast. This is a great must-have list new borns. It would be awesome for new moms.

  7. Time sure does fly by! Our youngest baby is 3.5 months old already. It’s crazy! This list is fantastic for new parents who aren’t sure of what they will need! There are so many products out there that parents don’t need, I’m glad to say this post real covers the basics of necessary items!

  8. I have the Nose Frida and absolutely LOVE it!!

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