Bump Edition: My New Skincare Routine

Kijan ou ye? If you haven’t read my previous blog post you definitely should read it here to find out the tea! 

I’m a simple girl hence my name SimplyWindy. So when it comes to skin care I’m always on the lookout for a face product that’s affordable and most important effective! I try to find the best of the best at the drugstore. There are so many facial products that can mimic luxury products and are just as amazing but won’t hurt the pockets.

The key to any great skincare routine in my opinion is making sure your body is hydrated by drinking water. I make sure to drink at least 60oz of water a day to keep me hydrated.

Recently my skin care routine has changed drastically because my skin needs have changed now that I’m pregnant. I’ve always had acne prone skin and dealt with fading acne marks and the monthly breakouts. But for the most part my skin has been pretty good. Now that I’m well into my pregnancy, man oh man I’m dealing with hyperpigmentation and dry patches.

Prior to being pregnant my skincare routine was basically a cleanser, a scrub and a moisturizer. When I wore makeup, I used makeup wipes to remove it.

Now I have a series of steps that includes cleansing, exfoliating and scrubbing, and moisturizing and sunscreen. If I miss ANY of these steps my face starts to shed due to the dry patches. Therefore, no more short cuts for me!

Morning Routine
Nightime Routine

When I do wear makeup, I use the Gentle Sulfate-Free Cleanser by Garnier or the Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel by Neutrogena to remove it. I no longer use makeup wipes since they dry my face out completely!

I am obsessed with this turmeric scrub by Enhanced by Nature

After removing my makeup and cleansing my face, I love to use my turmeric scrub. This scrub is naturally made by a wonderful person and I use it everyday. It leaves my face feeling oh so smooth and helps with the hyperpigmentation and dry patches. It gives me a natural glow which I love on top of this pregnancy glow.

Before I use a moisturizer, I pat my face down with a paper towel. No more using washcloths for me. They hold too much bacteria.

The Palmers face oil has become a major staple in my routine. I use it to seal in my moisturizer. If you have never used an oil to seal in your moisturizer you are missing out.

Let me know what’s your skincare routine 

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  1. Yeah Lifestyle says:

    I would love to try the turmeric scrub as I knew some neighbours who used to use fresh turmeric on their face when I was a child and they said it made the skin smoother

  2. couponmamacita says:

    Oh my! A turmeric scrub sounds relaxing. Tumeric provides so many great benefits!

  3. alexandra cook says:

    I don’t really have my own skincare routine but yours sounds really effective. I would love to try these products especially the turmeric scrub.

  4. briebrieblooms says:

    All these products look like a great skin care routine combined! I just started using a lip exfoliant and love it!

  5. Adi says:

    I didn’t realize that face wipes dry your skin. I’m going to check out the gel and the turmeric paste too!

  6. Catherine says:

    I’ve never heard of a turmeric scrub but how interesting! I love making own products…all natural and easier! Great routine!

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