Cargo Pants Are Trending

Are you following trends? Did you know that cargo pants are trending?

I’m not always a trendy girl but styling cargo pants with a cute corset is in. And can I say that I am obsessed with this styling look. By the way, read my Corsets are all the rage post to find out why I love wearing corsets.

Now let’s get back into cargo pants. Love them or hate them, cargo pants are back and I will be buying all the colors, textures, etc.

I started wearing cargo pants around March 2022 and haven’t stopped. I love the utilitarian look it gives an outfit. Cargo pants is a great way to mix soft and hard looks together like wearing cargos and corsets for that soft yet hard feminine look.

Cargo pants are the perfect piece to wear year round and to dress up or dress down. Here are a few ways I have worn cargo pants in the past.

How to style cargo pants

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