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I have to say one thing I’ve been able to do the past few months that I’ve been neglecting is the ability to take care of skin. My skin has been glowing the past few months and I am absolutely loving it.

I’ve never been in love with my skin as I am now. As a teen and young adult I suffered from acne. So I was always testing out new products to find something that would work with my skin.

Then came menstrual breakouts which are the worst. I always knew when my menstrual was coming because boom a huge pimple would show and at times in clusters uuggghhh.

Now in my 30’s and everyone says with pregnancy comes glowing skin. Although I had those moments of exuding that glow I also suffered from dry patches, peeling skin, and hyperpigmentation. Read here to find out how I managed that.


Bump Edition : My New Skincare Routine

Glow Skin Glow

Postpartum skin though has been glowing! I’m sure it’s a combination of being more diligent with my skin care routine, drinking water and because of COVID not wearing makeup. And let me repeat by saying drinking water. Drinking water and watching what I eat is definitely a huge factor in getting that glow skin.

Bare skin is in for me and I love it!

Here’s what I’ve been using on my face these last few months. Some items I’ve introduced in the past week or so but nonetheless I’m seeing great results.

Makeup Remover

I no longer use makeup wipes to remove my makeup. I find using an oil cleanser and then following up with the cleanser from Garnier works best for me.







I’ve also come across this rule that I’ve incorporated in my routine as well which is the 60secondrule. Check out LABeautyOlogist for more details

Also, I love following StyleNBeautyDoc, she has great tips for skin care especially tips for us brown skinned girls. Definitely check her out as well.

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