He’s Here! Welcome My Baby Boy!

Allow me to introduce to you my beautiful baby boy Israel Caden aka Izzy born October 2nd at 2:59am by complete surprise at 4lbs 8oz and 18in long.

Let’s give you all a back story. My due date was October 25th, so I delivered Izzy 3 weeks early. On October 1st, I went to my prenatal appointment and everything was normal except for my blood pressure. High blood pressure associated with a pregnant woman is not an ideal situation. My OB took blood samples from me because she wanted to know what was causing the high BP and if I was going to end up with preeclampsia. I went home after the appointment and was scheduled to do a follow up that coming Sunday but little did I know I wouldn’t need to attend the follow up appointment.

Later that day, I decided to do the last batch of laundry for Izzy and while I was doing laundry I started feeling period like cramps. After the laundry I had dinner around 5ish and the period like cramps started again but this time they were 15 minutes apart.

Around 8ish the period like cramps were 10 minutes apart now. I started praying and telling myself that it was too early, I still had things to finish up at work plus I had to train the temporary worker that would be taking over my work. However Izzy was knocking at the door begging to be let out.

At this point, I honestly thought I was having a serious case of Braxton-Hicks contractions. I tried to take a nap but that didn’t work. So around 11pm I went to take a shower and that’s when I realized and had to come to terms that I was having REAL contractions. After the shower, my contractions were now about 2-3 minutes apart. I had to quickly pack my hospital bag and haul it to the hospital.

I arrived at the hospital around 2am and after getting checked to see if I was dilated…to my surprise I was 6cm dilated! Which let me tell you when they check to see how many centimeters you are is the most uncomfortable feeling. Although I was dilated, my water hadn’t broke yet. I was wheeled off to the labor room when doctors started saying that my BP was rising to stroke like levels and my baby’s heartbeat was decreasing.

When my doctor came and said to me that they will have to do a csection I started to cry because that was the last thing I wanted and my doctor knew that. But since I had severe preeclampsia and I’ve witnessed what can happen first hand I said a quick prayer and allowed those doctors to keep me and my baby safe.

After Izzy came out, he didn’t cry and not being able to see and not hear any screaming from my baby was heartbreaking. When I finally heard him cry I was able to let out a sigh of relief but at that this point I just wanted to sniff him and hold him. Unfortunately I couldn’t hold him but I was able to sniff him and do cheek to cheek rubbing. The doctors rushed him off to the NICU where he ended up staying for a week after being delivered and rushed me to recovery after snitching me up.

Izzy had a slight breathing issue and difficulty keeping his body temperature regulated and low sugar. So that meant when I was getting discharged I would have to leave him in the care of the NICU. Having to leave my baby in the hospital was hard for me. But I’m so thankful for those NICU nurses because they took great care of Izzy which gave me somewhat of a peace of mind.

Every pregnancy is different. What I imagined wasn’t what I went through. However I would do it all over again just to hold my little munchkin in my arms.

Israel Caden – my heart in human form.

Signing out,

Simply Windy

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  1. Chad says:

    It is fascinating what you went through and how you managed it, you’re so brave! Such a cute baby boy, congrats 🙂

  2. Catherine says:

    Oh congratulations! What a beautiful baby boy! Such a precious moment in time…God bless<3

  3. catherine santiago jose says:

    You are such a brave women and mother to him. You really fight a good fight in times of your difficult situation and as a mother too, I am so proud of you for being strong and brave for your baby. Congratulations!

  4. Ada says:

    Congratulation!! Izzy seems like a perfect baby! I am glad everything is fine now after those little complications! And you looked stunning while pregnant !

  5. Firstly Congratuations!! Izzy looks so beautiful and you are so brave going through the C-Sec. So glad both of you are fine. Take time to recover as your wounds need to heal

  6. Myrah Duque says:

    Congratulations! Adorable and precious baby boy! Such a special moment! May God bless you always.

  7. Congratulations! He is beautiful! I remember when my kids were babies. I miss those days sometimes. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure with your little bundle of joy.

  8. Wow that is quite a journey to have, and to handle it as well as you did so unexpectedly, but really glad to know you both are doing well.

  9. Audrey says:

    He is so precious!!! I love his name so much.

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