How To Prepare For Your First Year Blogging

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How To Prepare For Your First Year Blogging

So, I started this blog back in 2018. I knew I wanted to blog but I honestly didn’t know what I was doing. Because of that, I fell off.

Fast forward to November 2019…

I wrote my blog post welcoming my baby boy and I knew from that point on I wanted to bring value to this blog and share my love of all things. So as we rang in 2020, the year of vision, I made it my mission to get serious about All Things Simply Windy. And I decided to start blogging consistently from that point on.

What Did I Learn My First Year of Blogging Consistently

1) It pays to invest in yourself

Do yourself a favor especially if you are looking to take your blog seriously – go ahead and pay for your website chile. This was THE most important thing I did January 2020. I knew once I invested money in getting a web address then there was no way I wasn’t going to show up to my blog.

Read How To Start A Blog to find out more on how I got started.

2) Show up for yourself

As I stated above, once I purchased the web address and upgraded my site, I knew I had to show up for myself. Consistency is key! Starting a blog is very easy but being consistent is not. So, take it slow, set a schedule of how many posts you want to create in a week/month. Blogging takes time, so set aside some time to create your blog post.

Becoming successful is a slow process but if your heart is in it then you will have a successful blog.

Oh and let me tell you that promoting yourself is part of showing up. You have to Promote! Promote! Promote! Hitting publish and hoping that someone reads your blog is not enough. Promote your work on IG, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube…you name it! Just go out there and promote yourself. If I’m being honest, I know this is something I need to do more of this year.

3) Be Authentic

I know there are millions of blogs out there but don’t be discouraged and don’t COPY! It’s okay to take inspiration from someone but DO NOT STEAL someone else’s work. That’s simply not cool! Find your way, make your mistakes but don’t ever give up. People will be intrigued with your work because they are intrigued with you. So, Stop stopping yourself.

I tell myself this all the time, blogging is different from an Instagram post. On IG you want your post to do well within 24hrs but with a blog, you own it. Therefore keep inviting people to come to your blog and get lost in your previous work.

Discipline will take you places motivation can’t

Be disciplined in your goals and you will see a difference. My 2021 goals are simple:

  • Keep doing what I’m doing but better
  • Join Facebook blog groups to engage with other bloggers
  • Promote, promote, promote
Everyone’s journey is different, it is up to you to make the best out of your journey.

If you always wanted to start a blog, start now and have fun.

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  1. Meka J says:

    This post just inspired me to get back on my grind for my blog. I love this! Thank you so much! ❤️

    1. Yay I can’t wait to see it! I’m glad I was able to inspire you to get back on your grind.

  2. Mary says:

    Great post!! So much of this information will be handy beyond the first year or make great refresh ers for all bloggers.

    1. Yes you are so right! Motivation for bloggers to keep it going.

  3. All great advice. I definitely think showing up for yourself is essential, it’s about making a decision to back yourself!

  4. Thagarah Martin says:

    I love this lady and the realness she brings to blogging. I enjoy her post like I would a dessert. I can’t wait to dive in.

    1. Aaawww Thank you so much Thagarah!

  5. Digitaldaybook says:

    Definitely agree with all this. Especially the fact that discipline can take you places.

    1. Yes I learned that real quick last year. Discipline can take us places motivation can’t.

  6. This is such an easy classic look perfect for work to dinner if you ask me, just as a little pizzazz with some fun earrings and a scarf are good to go!

  7. Karletta says:

    Loving your vibes here … The colours and the inspiration.

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