Let’s Talk Periods

Let’s Talk Periods!

Do you wear period underwear? More on this later on.

As a woman, our menstrual cycle can begin as early as 9 for some of us. I was 11 when my menstrual started.

Growing up, I use to be ashamed of getting my period. Mainly because my mother never sat me down and fully explained the process to me. So, I use to feel embarrassed and always assumed there was a huge mark on my forehead that said Hello, I’m on my period! How silly is that?

Now as a full grown adult woman, I can confidently say I am not embarrassed about my period. It’s something I have to go through every year, every month until I hit menopause. So, why should I be embarrassed about something that I can’t prevent.

When I told my mom that I had my first period, she introduced me to menstrual pads. In high school, being around other girls my age and going through the same thing I was then introduced to tampons. Now as a woman in her mid 30s, I’m happy to see more options out there for period products such as menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads, and period underwear.

Lately, all I use now are period underwears.

So, let’s talk periods, I love using period underwear or period panties as I like to call them. Period panties are super absorbent underwear and very comfortable to wear. For most of my menstrual journey I was only using menstrual pads and sometimes would feel uncomfortable but these period panties are made well.

You can get underwear to match your flow and I have not experienced any leakage.

Here are a few that I own:

Besides Lilova, I also use the ones from Thinx and Hanes

Have you tried wearing period panties?

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