New Decade | New Year | #2020 Vision

Hey Y’all Hey! Kijan ou Ye!

Happy New Year!

What are you excited about for 2020? Are you making any changes in your life?

2019 brought on the biggest change in my life as I welcomed my precious newborn. It was also an emotional roller coaster ride for me. Quite a few people really showed me who they are which led me to cutting ties with them.

As we start 2020 with a new mindset, I plan to write out my goals so that I can be held accountable at the end of the year.

Lean on Faith

2020 is the year of vision and I plan to let God be my light, be my vision to guide me through this new chapter in my life. To lean into the places in my life that need attention and nurturing. As well as gently lay down what I no longer wish to carry and be at peace.

Financial Stability

For some reason as a society we don’t like to talk about our financial woes but let me tell you 2019 brought on some debt that I didn’t expect to carry into 2020. So I plan to buckle down and pay off my credit card, cease shopping frivolously and begin a savings challenge. I will be doing the 52 week money saving challenge, so be sure to follow my Instagram stories where I will be providing a weekly update.


To be blunt, I was a real lazy bum last year. All the things I sought out to do I didn’t. I let my YouTube channel as well as this blog slip and wasn’t consistent at all. I plan to change that this year and be more active.

2020 for me will be the year to plant my seeds and allow them to continue to grow years later. To learn to celebrate my strength, resilience and perseverance. To take pride in how far I’ve come in life. Be unapologetically me, be more ME than I’ve ever been.

20/20 the year of Vision!

I hope you all see your goals clearly and make YOU your mission!

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  1. Some of your 2020 goals are the same as mine! I lost a few “friends” too but that was way before 2019. But it made my 2019 so much better because I didn’t have the negativity and the fake love holding me down. I am a looking forward to this new year and all f my ventures.

  2. I agree with the vision you set for yourself, especially the first one. May you attain your goals for this year! – Dan “Jay” Reyes

  3. xclddesigns says:

    Great post! I definitely need to buckle down and complete one of those savings challenges as well. It’s something I’ve been meaning to start and haven’t. This year, for sure, I will start and finish off strong. Happy New Year!

  4. What excites me most about a new year is that I get the chance to start over again. It’s a fresh start!

  5. Ashley R says:

    A new year means better financial decisions. Not buying things we don’t need. Stuff is just stuff. It doesn’t define us.

  6. Monika Lewandowska says:

    This is an amazing time of the year! New year – new possibilities:D Cheers!

  7. Good luck with your goals for 2020. I hope you meet each and every one of them.

  8. My goals are similar to yours this year. I want to save more and not spend money needlessly. I also want to focus more on my blog.

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