Personal Financial Tips for 2023

Let’s get personal this year with some of my personal financial tips for 2023

This year, I am making quite a few personal financial changes to set myself up for the life I want to live in my future. And I know I can’t be the only one

So, let’s rewind a bit to 2020 when I sat myself down and reviewed my debt to income ratio. Sitting myself down and going over my finances and seeing how I spent my money so frivolous was very shocking. Since then, I vowed to myself to not be so careless with my money especially since I have another human to provide for.

I promised myself that I would build a level of discipline when it comes to my finances to change the narrative for my future and most importantly my family. I emersed myself in learning so much about personal finances and developed the skill to reverse my financial situation from bad to good.

Totally check out my other money blog post to get a touch of what I did to change how I viewed money.

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Now we can be in the present and talk about my goals for 2023. With inflation causing everything and I do mean everything to rise in cost, I figured now is the best time to revise my financial plan I set for myself and if you are struggling like me then these tips might help you as well.

3 Personal financial tips you need for 2023

First tip

This one might be a struggle for most but it is very effective in saving money.

Have a few NO BUY months. What do I mean by that you may ask?

Literally go a few months, however you want to do it, whether it be back-to-back months or every month or every 2 months. But have a few no buy months where you only buy necessities. No splurging, no treating yourself to something just because. Only buy what you need like food and household items. And by food, I mean grocery shopping so you can cook and not spend money on take out.

The purpose of no buy months is to shop less so, when you can shop, don’t go crazy and over spend.

Second tip
Review your finances regularly without speaking down to yourself.

Begin to speak positive affirmations such as I will build wealth, I will be debt free, I will have a savings.

Choose to think positively about money. Choosing to think positive will help you be better with money management.

Third tip
Speak to a financial expert if you can to get things in order such as a 401K, IRA, Life Insurance, Investments, etc.

This last tip will aide in increasing your savings and reducing your debt. Setting up a 401K is super easy just speak to your employer. If you are self employed, there are many banks that offer IRA’s and it’s very easy to set up.

And if you don’t have life insurance, go get you a policy TODAY.

That’s it for this post. Let me know what personal financial tips you are adding to your life this year.

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