Postpartum Bod

Part 1

Hey Y’all Hey! Kijan ou Ye! How are you doing?

10 months postpartum and I can’t believe it. 2 months from now I will have a one year old! OMG!!

So let’s get into it…the postpartum body…the ‘snap back’ as most people call it.

Why is it that people rush moms into this snap back trend??? Why can’t we enjoy our new body without the world commenting and comparing our bodies with other moms? Heck, two days after giving birth, my child’s father said to me why do you still look pregnant? Uuummm sir I literately just gave birth to our child. Can I have a moment to breath?

I honestly allowed the world to pressure me to snap back. I can recall being 4 months postpartum and was forcing myself to workout even though I knew my body wasn’t fully healed yet from giving birth. If you haven’t read my birth story, I encourage you to go read it and come back to this post after.


He’s Here! Welcome My Baby Boy!

I had an emergency c-section due to complications with severe preeclampsia. To be completely honest, I’m just now starting to feel like myself 10 months later. Even when I returned back to work 3 months postpartum I felt like my c-section scar wasn’t completely healed. So why on earth was I worrying about snapping back when I needed to focus on healing my scar?!


The Road to Recovery from a C-Section

I am finally learning to love my postpartum bod and come to the realization that my body will never be the same as it was before pregnancy and that it perfectly okay. Learning to embrace and love my mommy pouch at times, the cellulite in my thighs, my soft belly because I did something amazing which was giving birth to my sonshine.

Now that I am 10 months postpartum, girl the amount of body confidence I have now is mind blowing. I am embracing my new body, in fact I am loving it. The confidence I believe comes from me blocking societies standards of snapping back and going by own rules. Taking it easy and just enjoying life as well as realizing that everybody’s body is different.

I encourage every new mom to love their new body as well. You will ‘snap back’ on your terms, embrace every step on the way there. Everything starts from the inside, so take care of your soul and the body changes will come with time.

Snap back culture is toxic! Us moms need to have breathing room even if it’s a year later.

Stay tuned for part 2 as I discuss my postpartum weight loss journey.

Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it!

Until the next post…

Signing Out,

Live with purpose, Love with passion, Laugh with pleasure

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  1. You look phenomenal! So happy to hear that you’ve found your self confidence again.

    Also, had to laugh out loud at your partner’s comment! xD

  2. Georgia says:

    Your post is so inspiring and just what I needed to read. I’m pregnant with my first and am feeling a little worried about what I’ll look like postpartum. I’m starting to be convinced to take time, and not rush back to the gym.

    1. Congratulations! Take your time postpartum and enjoy your little one.

  3. Congratulations on almost having a one year old! You’ve made it a whole YEAR!! I have a 4 month old and wow the stuff nobody tells you . . . I’m a runner so when I was cleared by my doctor to start exercising again I was so excited. Ya, all of my insides felt like they were going to fall out and now I need two bras when I run! LOL You look amazing keep up the good work! Mothering is HARD work!

    1. Lol I felt the same way. It feel like your insides are not even attached to each other.

  4. Yes the snap back culture is very toxic. My youngest is one a I’m just starting to feel like myself again. You look amazing by the way!

    1. Right it takes time for us moms to get back to feeling like ourselves

  5. B Hughes says:

    Accepting postpartum changes in the body is so important! Thank you for sharing your story ✨

  6. WOW! Thank you for being so vulnerable. So happy that you’re regaining your strength ! You look amazing!

  7. Keena says:

    You look gorgeous in the swimsuit , a real MILF .

    1. Aaawww thanks LOL

  8. Feel this on a deep level — I also had a rough delivery and recovery and wasn’t back in a size 4 immediately like all of my friends who had babies at the same time. Our bodies grew miracles and the pressure from outside to “snap back” is overwhelming and unnecessary. You look beautiful and I’m sure that baby boy thinks so too!

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