#SelfCareSunday Volume 6

Hey Y’all Hey! Kijan ou Ye! How are you doing?

“Loving yourself isn’t vanity; it’s sanity” – Katrina Mayer

Make yourself a priority!

I am the designer of my own future!

Welcome to another Self Care Sunday. I would like to take this time to stress the importance of self love. We have all heard the saying in order to love you must first love yourself. It’s important to love yourself so that you don’t allow ANYONE to treat you less than.

Here are some ways to practice self-love:

Spa Day

There’s nothing like a good spa day to make you feel good and relaxed. So take that bubble bath, open up that bottle of wine you are saving, do a face mask and finish off with that fresh set of nails. You can a do your own DIY spa day at home or head to your favorite spa place but have your spa day.

Positive Affirmations

Speaking positive into your life is important. It helps to make your day better. When you start speaking life to yourself, you begin to believe it. So tell yourself that you are beautiful, you are smart, you deserve to be loved, you are enough.

I have a board on Pinterest filled with positive affirmations.

Go on a solo date

Treat yourself and go out on a solo date. Go to the movies, go to dinner, go on a walk. Treat yourself because you come first and you deserve it.

Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is hard. We barely like to forgive others. But do we think about forgiving ourselves? Forgive yourself for those past mistakes. We don’t have a time machine to go back and change our mistakes but we do have the power to learn from our mistakes and move on. Forgiveness is needed!


Take a day to disconnect from the world and just be mindful in the moment for that day. Try to do this at least once a week and you will see how in-tune you become with your own voice.

Practicing self love / self care is needed for personal growth.

Although this series is titled Self Care Sunday, these are things you can do any free day you have.

How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you!

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  1. Amary says:

    Self care and self love are important for both our physical and emotional wellbeing. Good tips.

    1. Nadine says:

      I love everything about this article. Positive affirmations are my favorites. Its just gives you a quick boost and reminds you of how amazing you are.

  2. Hang Around The World says:

    A spa day with a good reading for me is the best things to practicing some self care. Of course few social haha I love this post!!! – Paolo

  3. Madi Rowan says:

    Love love love all of these suggestions! Making time to take care of ourselves mentally & physically is so crucial for our overall well-being & our ability to take care of others! I always like to remind myself that we cannot pour from an empty cup!

    -madi xo | http://www.everydaywithmadirae.com

  4. Jay Aguirre says:

    It is so important to take care of yourself! Sunday is definitely my self care day, too, although I try to do something every day. Sunday just feels like a much more stress free day and these are great suggestions

  5. Sarah Conley says:

    Yes to self care Sundays! I was just thinking I need a spa day. Self care is sooo important!

    – Sarah Conley from happylittletadpole.com

  6. Sundays are my self-care day. The perfect way to relax before starting a new week.

  7. Rosey Marie says:

    Treating yourself is always nice. I could go for a good pedicure!

  8. I’ve been struggling through a lot lately. I’ve made a point of stating a positive and giving someone else a complaint daily now and it helps so much. Plus, it feels good to make others feel good.

  9. Lynyadia says:

    Girl these are some really good tips. I am in need of some self care right about now! I will be pinning this as well.

  10. Tara says:

    for me, disconnecting is absolutely essential. We get so wrapped up in the world and everything going on around us, it’s blissful to step away and focus on what matters.

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