Stylish Ideas For Those Losing Their Hair

3 Stylish ideas for those losing their hair

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Losing our hair. It is something that all women have wrestled with at some point in their life. We can attempt to disguise it by twisting it, pining it, getting a blow-out, or working with what we have left of it. A few years ago, I was dealing with thinning hair which is one of the reasons I ultimately decided to go natural and embrace my natural hair.

As awful as it can be, our hair can be the thread that connects us to who we are, our identity, and our personality.

So, what happens to those who lose it? This is a question that most of us would like an answer to.

Believe it or not this is a more common issue than you might think. Several celebrities, stylish and spirited women are working together to share what happened when they lost their hair due to a health diagnosis, stress, or more. However, there are many experiments and/or creative ways to take control to help their life and their look.  

Ways to help/disguise losing your hair:

Wear a Scarf

Scarfs are a huge trending factor right now so you can fit right in! I love being able to grab a scarf and easily make it fashionable while still looking adorable if you are suffering from hair loss. There are various types of ways to wear a scarf too instead of just tying it on your head. Most scarves come in either a square or oblong style. Pre-tied scarves are the easiest to wear so you don’t have to fold or elaborate tying them and they offer soft or elastic covers at the nap to hold their security down. 

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

If you are looking for a way to have a permanent look at your hair loss, there is a non-surgical way to do so. Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a new technology that implants an organic pigment (basically looking like a tattoo) into your skin to give the illusion that you have a slight buzz cut. One of the best things about this procedure is that you don’t need to continue going back for another 5-7 years. If you live in the Columbus area, Ohio SMP Studio offers this incredible assistance. If you aren’t sure if it is worth it, be sure to look at the SMP training in Ohio with gallery photos, videos, and testimonials. 

Image: Ohio SMP Studio
Styling Wigs

Now you all know I love switching up my styles and wearing wigs. Check out my YouTube channel for all the different wig styles I have worn. When it comes to looking for wigs, there are a vast majority of wigs out there as well as styles, colors and more! Did you know that some insurance companies can assist you in the cost of a wig if you are going through treatment? There are also options to go into a shop and look at attachments, halos, or toppers versus getting a large wig that fits your entire scalp. I never realized how exciting this could be for those who have lost their hair because you can pick a color or style that you have always wanted to try for new confidence! You could get a few wigs, some that are low, some that are long with layers, a bold red, or a style that is a dark black bob. Depending on what you are looking for, professionals are there to help you find the perfect style that makes you truly feel your best from the outside in. 

Wear a Hat

This is a comfortable way for those losing their hair. Often your scalp might be itchy or sensitive to putting on a hat is a more trail error time to see what feels the best. Try a variety of various hats such as a baseball cap, a beanie, a cowboy hat, or even just a small-cap. If you’re feeling bold, dress up a hat that you can pick up at MICHAELS and add your flair to it with buttons, jewels, rhinestones, or a fun quote to keep you upbeat. 

If you are noticing that your hair is coming out in large quantities, noticing that it is thinning or actually seeing a bald spot, try one of the several tips above to help you regain your confidence.

This is a reminder to all women and even men, who are going through hair loss, you are not alone in the process and there are many ideas that can help you feel your best as you are going through this.

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  1. Tren says:

    As a hair queen, I absolutely love this post! Also your pictures are on point!

  2. Nishtha says:

    Love all your hair styles! The scarves and hats look so cute

  3. Arti says:

    Helpful post. I am loosing my hair like anything these days. These styling ideas will definitely going to help.

  4. Karletta says:

    Great tips. I love hats to hide my bad hair days. I’ve also got loads of beautiful scarves – but never used them on my hair. Time to put them to good use!

  5. I know a couple of friends who are undergoing therapy and losing their hair. They use scarf and wigs. I find it very stylish. On the other hand, bald is beautiful too.

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