What I Wore This Week

Hey y’all hey Kian ouYe! How are you doing?

I work in a very casual office environment. I literally can wear sweats to work if I wanted to. However I love putting together outfit looks and I don’t believe in saving pieces of clothes to wear for a special occasion.

Since I bought it, I will wear it when I want.

Oh and I am a repeat wearer lol. I know in this age of Instagram we tend to not repeat looks but I love to shop my closet and restyle a piece of clothing.

I usually do this series on my YouTube channel which you can go check out the video here to see the clothes in action and past videos in the series as well.


What I Wore This Week

Since we are living in a new time I currently work a hybrid schedule where I work in the office 3 days and work from home 2 days. And between me and you I wouldn’t mind working from home the complete 5 days.




Links to where the pieces can be find is linked in the description box of the YT video.

Let me know which was your favorite look!

Until the next post…

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  1. crisshex88 says:

    Undoubtedly the second look is what I prefer, I love it!

  2. Look 3 is my favourite, I adore the cardi!! I must say, they all look great.

  3. Yvonne says:

    Wow I love them all. But look 2 is my favorite. Killing it!!

  4. Titra says:

    Yass girl! You look amazing in every outfit! I love every single style, my favorite is Look 1. Love that top with the skirt.



  5. Nishtha says:

    Cute post! I love how you carry all these styles so well. If I had to chose I will take look 2 but again all looks so good on you. Keep writing

  6. Shelly DS says:

    Yaaas girl! I think the black skirt outfit is my favourite… because it’s so hot where I am right now 😅

  7. Digitaldaybook says:

    Love some outfit inspiration! And these are such fresh winter vibes!

  8. Nahyun says:

    Super cute outfits!

  9. Mechelle says:

    Great looks! I like number 1 and 3 😀

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